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The most famous Russian Telescope trade-mark is TAL. It is reflector Telescope. Reflector Telescopes use a huge concave parabolic mirror instead of a lens to gather and focus the light to a flat secondary mirror that in turn reflects the image out of an opening at the side of the main tube. You look through an eyepiece on the side of the tube up near the top.

Reflector Telescopes are excellent for faint deep sky objects such as remote galaxies, nebulae and star clusters because of their larger apertures for light gathering.

The planets, the Moon, and close stars require high power, good contrast, and sharp resolution, and if these are the objects of your attention, a reflector Telescope is probably the best.

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Telescope TAL194
Telescope TAL 1335
Telescope TAL 100R468
Telescope TAL 100RM645
Telescope TAL 100RS559
Telescope TAL 120335
Telescope TAL 120 M507
Telescope TAL 150 K1311
Telescope TAL 150 P645
Telescope TAL 150 PM851
Telescope TAL 1M529
Telescope TAL 2800
Telescope TAL 200K1716
Telescope TAL M301

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