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Binoculars are one of the handiest and most widespread of all optical instruments. Binoculars are used by the astronomer, hunter, fisherman, boater, sports fan, and traveller.

Binoculars are really just two small telescopes mechanically linked together. The main features of Binoculars are a prime focal length, an objective lens, an ocular (eyepiece), an exit pupil etc.

Binoculars are commonly described with the help of numbers, such as "7x50". The first of these numbers means magnification of the Binoculars. Common Binoculars magnifications are 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, and 10x. The second number refers to the diameter of the objective lens of the Binoculars in mm. Thus in "7x50," the "50" means that the front lenses of the Binoculars are 50mm in diameter.

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Binoculars | Specifications
Binoculars Yukon BZ 30x50137
Field Binoculars BKFC 10x40223
Field Binoculars BKFC 5x25176
Field Binoculars BKFC 7x35180
Field binoculars BOC 7x5045
Field Binoculars BP 12x40 w/reticle93
Field Binoculars BP 16x50 w/reticle116
Field Binoculars BP 26x70213
Field binoculars BP2 10x5055
Field binoculars BP2 12x5063
Field binoculars BP2 7x3555
Field Binoculars BPC 10x4089
Field binoculars BPC 10x5055
Field Binoculars BPC 15x50125
Field Binoculars BPC 16x50109
Field Binoculars BPC 20x60166
Field binoculars BPC 7x3545
Field binoculars BPC 8x4055
Field Binoculars BPC2 10x4098
Field Binoculars BPC2 12x45M98
Field binoculars BPC2 7x5055
Field binoculars BPC3 12x40102
Field Binoculars BPC3 12x45108
Field binoculars BPC4 12x4063
Field binoculars BPC5 7x3546
Field Binoculars BPC5 8x30M98
Field Binoculars BPC6 8x3089
Field Binoculars BPCs 10x40108
Field Binoculars BPCs 12x45108
Field Binoculars BPCs 8x30105
Field Binoculars BPCs2 10x40109
Field Binoculars BPCs3 12x45114
Field Binoculars BPCs6 8x30108
Field binoculars BPOs 10x42125
Field binoculars BPOs 7x30119
Field Binoculars BPs 10x4084
Field Binoculars BPShC 10x50136
Field Binoculars BPShC 6x30114
Field Binoculars BPShC 7x35114
Field binoculars BPSHC 8x40119
Field binoculars BS8 kruiz 8x2055
Yukon Futuros 20x50 Binoculars168
Stabilized Binoculars
Stabilized Binoculars BS 16x40923
Stabilized Binoculars BS 16x50486
Stabilized Binoculars BS 20x50653

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